is a company specialized in training, translating and interpreting from and towards the official language of China: Chinese Mandarin.

The founders of EnSino, advanced degree holders in foreign languages (Chinese Mandarin, French, English), possess a quality professional experience in learning, translating, and interpreting from and towards Chinese mandarin, French and English.

EnSino has managed to differ from the other services in Chinese language by offering a tried and approved quality.

To call on a Chinese interpreter EnSino is to ensure the accuracy of your communications with China.

The context requires the implementation of strong economic ties between China and Europe. To do so, and meet the requirements of companies, EnSino provides Chinese translators and Chinese interpreters who are experienced and specialists in their fields.

Our Chinese interpreters are graduates from the best schools of interpreters and translators. They translate into their native language and are specialists in their fields: environment, industry, pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunications, luxury, cosmetics …

Contact us now and upon receipt of your request we will establish a free quote.

Un conseiller vous rappelle

Nous nous engageons à vous rappeler sous 24 heures afin de répondre à vos questions. Vous pouvez également nous joindre au 09 51 00 10 95 de 9H00 à 18H00 du lundi au vendredi. EnSino, 66 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 PARIS - FRANCE